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Michelle (Corsano) Pellettier is a senior marketing strategist and digital marketing coach based in Toronto, Canada.

Michelle teaches Digital Marketing Management (#SCS2844) at The University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies.

Burst Technology Marketing helps organizations grow their business and advance purchase consideration by engaging customers through digital communications and converting web visitors to leads.

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Canadian’ Digital Life Shifts to Mobile

— Weather Obsession Holds Firm

Now, more than half of Canadians’ online time spent is using smartphones and tablets instead of personal computers. 

Canadians spent more than 34 hours online per month in 2013; outpaced in the top 10 countries by the USA and UK, at about 36 hours. 

The top content sought out by Canadian mobile users is weather — followed by social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and Google searches.

The challenge for online advertisers is to shift their display advertising spend to mobile and social networks. This trend is starting to taking hold with Facebook and Twitter accounting for 36% of display advertising in Canada in 2013. 

You can download the full report, 2014 Canada Digital Future in Focus, comScore.

Michelle (Corsano) Pellettier


Total Number of Websites to Hit 1 Billion 

Now there are  959 million websites online - an increase of 39 million from March alone (Netcraft, April 2014).

At this pace of growth we are bound to break the 1 Billion mark this summer!!!

Michelle (Corsano) Pellettier

$100 Million Advertising Deal with Instagram 

A new $100 Million ad deal with Omnicom Media will start rolling out in-stream sponsored ads from big brands like Pepsi, Starbucks and M&Ms, among others.

Pilot instagram ad campaigns by Ben & Jerry’s and Levi’s appeared to pan out with impressive reach and fan engagement. 

Levi’s reached 7.4 million in the USA in a 9 day period, while Ben & Jerry’s reached 9.8 million in an 8 day period.

You can view more instagram business cases and examples by visiting the Instagram for Business blog.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing and most diverse social networks with 150,000,000 users - the most active among youth aged 16-24 years. (see older posts with these stats)

Michelle (Corsano) Pellettier

Bob Marley - Thank You Lord (Original):

Your Website is the Anchor Leg to Win Online

Download the article as published in the Alder Social Media Report, Nigeria in February, 2014.

Michelle (Corsano) Pellettier

LinkedIn Numbers

Are You a Digital Laggard?

There is nothing more imperative today than to be able to compete for online visitor traffic and lead conversion - in order for your business to survive or die.

Many organizations are still catching up, treading water and limping.

Conduct a competitive online analysis to see where you place in the race for 21st century customers - I can help!

Michelle (Corsano) Pellettier

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